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Thermmax Scientific Products Environmental Rooms - Sitemap

Environmental Rooms

  • Capabilities
    Designing, building, installing and servicing environmental rooms to both standard and custom specifications for a variety life science applications.

  • Construction Highlights
    Some construction details of our modular environmental rooms.

  • Engineering Support
    Thermmax provides full-service engineering and project management support with each and every environmental room installation.

  • Standard Specifications
    A complete list of environmental room specifications.


  • Condensing Units
    Thermmax Condensing units are specifically designed, engineered, and manufactured to achieve excellent thermal performance. See details and photos.

  • Instrumentation
    Our control console supplied on standard environmental room facilities includes all operational functions at a single location and include features designed to ensure easy and convenient operation.

Installation & Service

  • Installation
    Thermmax can renovate your old existing Environmental Room, or install brand new! 

  • Service
    Thermmax can renovate your old existing Environmental Room, or install brand new!


  • Employment Opportunities
    Our growing business frequently seeks new, talented individuals.

  • Contact Us
    Contact us about your controlled environment room requirements.

  • FAQs
    Check our frequently asked questions page for answers to your environment room questions, or just give us a call at 800-899-3774.

  • Customers

  • Recent Customers
    View a list of customers who have received controlled environment rooms from Thermmax.

  • Job Photos
    Our photo gallery of walk-in cold rooms and other environmental room installations.