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Frequently asked questions about 
Environmental Chambers or Rooms

  1. What exactly does Thermmax Scientific Products do?
    We are experts in controlled environment room design. We design, manufacture, install and service temperature and humidity controlled rooms for life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and industrial research applications.

    Our environmental room designs include a wide range of:

    Walk-in Cold Rooms and Warm Rooms 
    Freezer Rooms
    Stability Rooms and Chambers
    Controlled Temperature & Humidity Rooms 
    Dry Rooms

  2. What does it cost to acquire or service an environmental room or chamber?
    Our convenient online “Request a Quote” form makes it easy for you to tell us what you want. A Thermmax representative will contact you with a quote, or to ask you for more information about your needs.

  3. Does Thermmax provide service on environmental rooms manufactured by others as well as their own equipment?
    Answer: Yes. Thermmax provides full service on all types of laboratory environmental rooms, reach-in refrigerators, freezers, and stability chambers. We service all of our equipment and other major brands.

  4. Once I have submitted a request for a quote or proposal for an environmental room or services, how long will it take to receive the quote? 
    On typical standard requests, we can usually turn your quote around in one or two business days. 

  5. What is your standard delivery time? 
    After receipt of order, we will provide a complete submittal drawing/data package for your review. After receipt of approvals, delivery of equipment is normally about 6 – 8 weeks. Simple installations take about one week. 

  6. What size rooms do you make? 
    We design, manufacture and install controlled environment rooms of virtually all sizes. From small step-ins (3’ x 5’ x 7’H) to large warehouse rooms (100’ x 100’ x 30’H). You can save money by selecting a room with modular size dimensions, but some customers prefer to customize their dimensions to within an inch. 

  7. How are the environmental room panels constructed?
    The insulated panels use modular construction and are made from foamed in-place polyurethane foam with extremely low thermal conductivity. The panels are field-assembled using tongue-and-groove matching seams with cam lock fasteners. All environmental room installation is from inside the room, allowing the erection process to take place after the building walls are in place. All Rooms are UL approved; Factory Mutual Approval is also available on rooms using steel panel construction. 

  8. What size refrigeration system will I need? 
    This depends on many factors: room size, product loading, live loads, and usage. We will optimize your controlled environment system according to the application details. 

  9. Can you provide remote condensing units? 
    Yes, if the unit cannot be locally placed, we can provide air cooled units located outdoors on the building roof, ground level concrete pad, or in your mechanical room area. We also can provide water cooled units if you have cooling water available. 

  10. How are your environmental rooms controlled? What is the stability and uniormity? 
    Thermmax uses state of the art microprocessor PID controls for temperature and humidity control. Control stability is typically ±0.5 °C or better; uniformity is ±1°C or better. 

  11. Can you help with validation, commissioning, and calibration? 
    Yes, our environmental room services always include Start up, test, and performance demonstration. We can also provide calibration and work with your validation team to help provide commissioning and validation.

  12. Can you tell me what the utility requirements are for temperature and humidity controlled rooms?
    Yes, we can provide this information with our quote and verify all necessary customer preparations during the submittal process.

  13. Will Thermmax provide architectural planning and support?  
    Answer: Thermmax can provide an architectural planning guide and technical support in developing your project requirements. Click here to download the Thermmax Architectural Planning Guide.

  14. In what States do you provide, full service and installation? 
    Our core area of coverage is the entire East Coast, and specialize in environmental room installation in these areas: MA, CT, VT, ME, NH, NY, PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, FL and Puerto Rico. 

  15. What temperature ranges are available? 
    We cover ranges of – 40 °C to + 50 °C 

  16. What about relative humidity and how will it effect my humidity controlled room?
    This depends a great deal on the temperature range. 

    For cold rooms that require humidity control we offer a refrigeration solution to go down to 65% RH; we also can provide RH levels down to 20% RH.

    For warm rooms and stability rooms we can provide 20 to 98% RH.

    We also do dry rooms down to 2% RH for special applications. 

  17. Where can I get a purchase description or specification to describe and buy exactly what I need?  Answer: 
    Click here to download our master CSI specifications in Word format

  18. Do you install environmental rooms and chambers? Can you provide supervised installation?
    Answer: Yes, we provide complete environmental room installation using our factory trained personnel or we can supervise subcontractors. In any event we provide startup, demonstration, testing, and training. 

  19. Do you provide complete manuals and documentation? 
    Yes with all our controlled environment projects we supply a comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Manual with as-built drawings, schematics, parts list, and operation/maintenance instructions. 

  20. What do I have to provide before you can install my environmental room? 
    The customer is responsible for all site preparations and the required utilities. This includes power, water, drains, etc. Thermmax does not perform building alterations, roof work, concrete pads or other building construction work. However we will assist in coordinating this work with ours.
  21. What is your standard warranty? Do you provide extended warranties?
    Our standard warranty is one year on defective parts and labor. We offer an extended 5-year warranty on compressor replacement and 3 years on instruments. Extended warranties can also be purchased through our Service Department.

    Click here to contact our Service Department

  22. Can we purchase preventative maintenance service contracts after the standard warranty expires? 
    Yes, we have three standard plans available to meet your specific requirements, and we highly recommend that you consider this to keep your controlled environment facility trouble free. 

  23. Do you service environmental rooms that were not manufactured or installed by Thermmax? 
    Yes, we are a full service company. However, there are limitations and we may recommend a complete renovation. If the environmental room is old, and the components are out of date or not available a renovation may be your best course. Our renovations come with a new one year warranty on parts and labor.

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