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Instrumentation For Environmental Rooms

Standard Environmental Rooms
Image | Thermmax instrumentation for standard environmental rooms
The Control Console supplied on standard environmental room facilities includes all operational functions at a single location and include features designed to ensure easy and convenient operation:

  • All operational settings, adjustments, switches, alarms, and indicators are arranged on one panel.
  • All functions are clearly identified by engraved legends.
  • The recessed control panel is enclosed behind a clear acrylic lockable door to prevent tampering, yet still allow easy monitoring.
  • Temperature and humidity are set and read with bright LED digital indicators.
  • Controllers are three-mode microprocessor instruments with keypad function switches.

Image | Thermmax instrumentation for environmental roomsThese devices represent the latest technology in instrumentation and control and achieve straight-line control with computer based auto tuning. They offer retransmission of process variables in analog and digital formats. RS232 and RS485 for remote computer interfacing and data acquisition are available. 

  • Accuracies are traceable to NIST standards.

  • Temperature stability is routinely controlled to ± 0.2 ° C. 

  • Humidity can be controlled to ± 2 % RH. 

  • Standard Alarms provide alerts on high-low temperature conditions. 

  • Remote contacts points can be connected to central building alarm systems.

  • Power failure, personal emergency, or equipment shutdowns can also be alarmed.

  • Recorders are available to monitor temperature and humidity history vs. time.

These instruments are also microprocessor based and can be custom configured to suit user needs.

Special Environmental Rooms

Regardless of what you require from your environmental room or chamber, Thermmax can accommodate your specific custom requirements. Special facilities are routinely designed and provided.

Data acquisition systems for validation, product testing profiling, and special research programs can be designed and built to meet your particular needs.

Environmental Rooms - See the Standard Specifications