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Engineering Support for Controlled Environment Rooms


Image | Thermmax controlled environment room planEvery project that Thermmax tackles is given full engineering and project management support. 

What to expect when you contract Thermmax to install your controlled environment room:

  • After contract award we prepare a comprehensive drawing and major component data submittal for customer review and approval.

  • All of our drawings are done on AutoCad and disk copies are supplied on request.

  • All projects are fully documented, and complete operation and maintenance manuals are supplied. 

  • Our manuals can be used for validation protocol procedures. 

  • Text and schematics are available in electronic media.

Thermmax Scientific is more than a manufacturer of controlled environmental rooms, systems, and equipment. We prefer to think of ourselves as a manufacturer of solutions to problems associated with controlled environmental storage, testing, and processing. 

Our expertise in the following disciplines will make your project a major success:

  • Psychrometrics: Temperature and humidity conditioning and control systems are designed to meet your application. Thermmax's controlled environmental rooms offer precise measurement and control of these parameters. 

  • Refrigeration and Heating Systems: Our advanced systems use the latest technology in mechanical refrigeration, low watt density heaters and heat exchangers. Loads are evaluated and depending on temperature operating points, transition times, line runs, ventilation requirements, process loads, door openings, and personnel occupancy, the optimal systems are designed.

  • Enclosure Construction: Our modular systems can be adapted for your particular space and installation requirements.
Image | An environmental room design by Thermmax
  • Instrumentation and Control: Environmental systems are controlled with the latest microprocessor based electronic systems. User-friendly touch screen and PLC controls available. Precise control, alarms systems, and recording are tailored to the application.

  • Project Management: In order to be successful, all elements of your project must be coordinated and controlled to meet milestone dates. Specification requirements, technical performance and installation must be done on time to meet your schedule.


From design to installation, our process is designed to ensure that the experience you have acquiring your controlled environment room or chamber is a satisfying one.

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