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Capabilities – Custom Environmental Rooms and Chambers


Customized Environmental Chambers

Thermmax designs and builds Environmental Rooms and Chambers to meet your specific requirements using our many years of facility design experience. We may have even already designed an environmental room similar to your needs. We provide a wide variety of precisely-controlled cold rooms.

Let our knowledge and experience as an environmental room manufacturer become your project's major asset!

With Thermmax, your new controlled- environment room or chamber will always be:

• On Time • In Spec • Within Budget

Image | Thermmax combination cold room/freezer room with instrumentation
Combo Cold Room-Freezer
Image | Thermmax walk-in cold roomsCold Rooms

Life Science Applications:

  • Laboratory Cold Rooms
  • Incubator-Warm Rooms
  • Warm Rooms
  • Dry-Low Humidity Rooms
  • Temperature Humidity Rooms
  • Stability Rooms
  • Blood Bank – Plasma Freezers
  • Plant Growth Chambers
  • Insect Rearing Rooms
  • Necropsy Rooms
  • Culture Storage Freezer-Cold Rooms
  • Repository Freezers
  • Vaccine Storage Cold Rooms-Freezers
  • Cold Warehouse Rooms
  • Environmental Test Rooms

Industrial Institutional Applications:

  • Product Testing
  • Museum Artifact Storage
  • Stability Testing
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Cold Chain Applications
  • Validated Environmental Storage

Thermmax Scientific Products provides:

Engineering, design, and manufacturing of environmental rooms & chambers. Installation & service of a full range of rooms from simple cold rooms for reliable storage to validated, precisely-controlled temperature/humidity rooms for laboratory applications, research & industrial testing. Environmental rooms for laboratory applications, pharmaceutical research, critical warehouse cold storage, stability test rooms, blood banks, plasma freezers, and warm room incubators.

Thermmax provides full service on all types of laboratory environmental rooms, reach-in refrigerators, freezers, and stability chambers. We service all of our equipment and other major brands. Services include all types of preventative maintenance plans and upgrades.